• want to get your shit together
  • are not where you thought you’d be in life by now
  • are sick of overthinking every little thing you do & say
  • wish life came with an owner’s manual
  • have big dreams that keep nagging but you’re terrified of failing – so you do nothing
  • would like a little help figuring out life, yourself, & sometimes, the mysteries of the universe, from someone who isn’t going to make you perform a birth re-enactment ceremony (or whatever life coaches do in movies).


  • have a master’s degree in counseling + 3 years of experience coaching women and men
  • am not a passive coach or therapist – will 100% challenge you on your BS, excuses, and limiting beliefs in order to help you grow + reach your goals (because that’s what you’re paying for, right?)
  • am only partially into that woo-woo stuff & at least have a sense of humor about it
  • get that sometimes life completely sucks & isn’t fair
  • actually talk like a normal person (surprisingly rare in this career field)

this could be you:

Sam is simply the best! As a twenty something thrown out into the world I have had difficulty adapting and understanding my purpose and the general ins and outs of life. I am so happy I got introduced to her because she has helped me enormously and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Samantha isn’t a life coach with cool Pinterest quotes, she’s a coach who will offer valuable life changing wisdom that will help transform your life. You’re not just going to fall in love with who she is but who she helps you become. Her coaching is priceless.


to be honest

Your life looks fine on paper, but you find yourself wondering, “is this it?” Adult life is not what you expected – at all. Deep down, you’re wondering if it doesn’t feel right because you’re just not good enough. You keep hoping if you just find a new job or pair of shoes, everything would be better. In the mean time, you’re letting ice cream and Netflix binges distract you.

I will help you get your shit together. Adulting is hard. Up until now, all your next steps have been planned out for you & now you’re stuck and worrying that you are falling behind in life.

Coaching with me looks like deep questions, stepping out of your comfort zone, plenty of jokes & laughing, and a little advice. It will feel like chatting with your mom or big sister + bff + adviser + therapist. Not exactly any of those, but kind of a mix of all.

Together, we will figure out who you are, what you want, and how to get it. I will teach you to kick your inner mean girl out of your brain. My #1 goal is for you to have all the tools you need to make real changes. We create action plans. Are you ready to do better and feel better? Let’s do this.

Step 1 is a free trial 30 minute coaching call. We’ll get to know each other, start getting you some results, & see if we want to work together more. Fill in the form below to schedule:


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