Are you a perfectionist?

If any of those sound familiar, you’ve come to the right place!

I’m Samantha & I’m a life coach with years of experience working with women in their teens & 20s. I am also a recovering perfectionist myself & love helping other women get control of their thoughts & emotions so they can be the person they always wanted to be.

I wrote & designed a cute and funny little e-book about breaking up with perfectionism called “Perfectionism is Lowkey Ruining Your Life & How to Stop It.” I am giving it away for free because I want you to live confidently without being held back by your own unrealistic standards.

OMG I need this

For all of you thinking “I am never good enough,” “why can’t I get this right,” and “why does life seem effortless for everyone else” — I made this for you. 


When you sign up, you’ll get instant access to a fun & helpful e-book that will teach you:

  • why perfectionism is not a good inner coach
  • how to kick perfectionism’s ass
  • how to start accepting yourself just as you are

After this program, you will:

  • feel more confident
  • feel like you can give yourself a break
  • finally be the one in control, instead of a weird need to always be perfect & the best


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