7 days to being confident af


Let me guess.. you:

reply with “it’s old” when someone compliments your outfit

say “I don’t know” all the damn time – when you do know

tell people you aren’t good at things you are good at

think if you aren’t doing it perfectly, you’re failing


If any of these are making you think #me – it’s time for a confidence boost. You may not think you deserve it (hello, you’re beating yourself up pretty regularly), but you do. While you’re busy feeling like you’re not enough, the people who know & love you are wondering why you don’t see what they see – that you’re amazing.


Here’s the deal. I put together a 7 day program that is guaranteed to boost your confidence (in a super healthy, not self absorbed way) and help you start owning your awesomeness.

May 14-20, 2017

Your email inbox, that’s right, you don’t even have to get dressed to do this.

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Each day, you’re going to get an email from me with the day’s concept or activity. Do it, and you’ll see changes in your self confidence. Super simple.

 May’s session is closed. Registration will open again in June! Stay tuned.