#Adulting is for you if you want to: feel good about yourself on a deep level, feel confident in your decisions and actions, & stop people pleasing, procrastinating, and overthinking every little thing.

Have you thought or said any of the following to yourself in the last month?

I’ll feel happy when I finally get a new _______ (job, boyfriend, pair of shoes)

“Yes!” when inside you are screaming NO!

Why can’t I just be happy?

I never speak up in meetings because I’m afraid I’ll say something stupid or that my ideas aren’t good.

If you matched with any of these, it’s time to start #Adulting. Do you remember how fun you thought adulthood would be when you were a kid? What if I told you that while eating as much candy as you want, watching R rated movies, and staying up late isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, being an adult can actually be super fun & fulfilling, and that the best years of your life are ahead?

Imagine less of this:

feeling like you’re falling behind in life,

beating yourself up for every little thing, 

not knowing how to make decisions,

and just generally not wanting to get out of bed in the morning.

And more of this:

being proud of yourself,

not comparing yourself to other people,

knowing how to make decisions & actually doing it,

and knowing what you want in life and how to get it.

I want you to know that no matter who you are or what is in your past or present, you can have this. No BS, and it isn’t about positive thinking fixing everything, vision boards, or meditation (although those things are fun & have their place) – it is about learning everything you need to handle your life like Olivia Pope handles her business and getting to know who you actually are.

How many times have you told yourself you need to get your shit together? If you had the tools to get there on your own, you’d probably be there already, right? Work with me, and I will hold your hand all the way there – and make sure you have what you need to keep going after the program is done.

Ok, sounds interesting.. gimme the deets:

  • Weekly, hour long video chat dates with me where we tackle the topic of the week and answer ALL of your questions – plus I’ll give you some advice on any issues you are facing that week
  • Weekly activities and worksheets to help you learn the tools & actually do them
  • Contact with me on a text/voice messaging app where I hold your hand (electronically) the entire way
  • Plus.. we will have one 30 minute session prior to this whole fun thing kicking off to get to know each other!



Finding your voice (stop people pleasing!)

“WTF do I want to do w/ my life?” Yep, we will figure that out.

Procrastination & #goals

“Who am I?” Going back to the basics that we never learned in school (but should have!)

How to create a whole lot more joy in your life

Past clients say:

Working with Samantha as my coach has been an incredible experience. One of the most important things she has given me is a safe space to feel my feelings. I used to think that being strong meant never feeling sad. Samantha has taught me that feeling things is not only ok, but 100% necessary if I want to accomplish all the goals I have for my life. Samantha is endlessly patient, and she finds a way to end every single session on a positive note. Even on my very worst days, I leave my sessions with her feeling relieved and hopeful and armed with a plan for how to tackle whatever obstacle I am facing. I am so grateful for Samantha’s guidance and all the ways she has changed my life!

Maria, 26

Sam is AMAZING. Life can be so challenging, and it’s also hard when some weeks there are family things, work things, friend things, health things, all the things. Also, I found myself wanting to talk to someone that had that bff-level comfort, but someone I didn’t know so I’d have a fresh perspective, while not feeling like I was being negative and always venting to my friends or mom. Enter Sam.

Rebecca, 29

I am not currently taking any new clients for #Adulting, but 10 spots will be opening in September 2017. To be the first to know, please contact me at samantha@tbhcoach.com.