About Samantha

To be honest… Yep, that is the meaning of the business. I’ve been loving on acronyms & abbrevs since college so there was no better way to capture one of my favorite parts of coaching – learning to be honest – with others & ourselves.

My name is Samantha, after the character on Bewitched (Nick@Nite, anyone?). I am the brain & heart behind TBH Life Coaching. I’m a life coach with over a decade of experience mentoring young women and after struggling through my 20s, I’m on a mission to make things better for America’s most dissed generation, millennials!

I’m kind of an expert. On top of my experience directly working with lovely ladies like YOU (yes, you), I also have a BS in psychology and an MA in human services: counseling and have taken approx. a million (rough estimate) classes in counseling, group process, relationships, leadership, communication and coaching through the quarter life crisis.

Wait.. what is the difference between coaching & counseling? First of all, I am not the right fit for you if you need mental health counseling, trauma recovery, etc. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness, and will refer you to someone who does if it is necessary. Coaching is for people who are “pretty ok” but want to be great.

What does coaching with you look like? Our interactions are a lot like talking to that super wise friend or your mom with the benefit of be being a completely outside perspective. It is a judgement free zone where you can be yourself. We talk about the things you want to work on in your life and I offer actual tools and solutions to help you make changes.

I’m interested.  Fab. Next, you’ll want to check out my free (yes, you heard that right!) program: “How Perfectionism is Lowkey Ruining Your Life & How to Stop It” by clicking here.