Samantha Siffring

My name is Samantha, after the character on Bewitched (Nick@Nite, anyone?). I am the brain & heart behind TBH Life Coaching. I’m a life coach with over a decade of experience mentoring young women & I’m on a mission to make things better for America’s most dissed generation, millennials!

Let’s get personal. I’ve been with my partner, Stuart, for over 10 years & we have 3 kids. Yes, it’s noisy. I’m an active alumna of my sorority and volunteer with it quite a bit. I also volunteer at my kids’ school. I love yoga and hiking, making things pretty, corny and witty jokes, reading, traveling, and spending time with my best friends. I struggle with negative self talk, feeling like I’m not enough, comparison, and eating my feelings. I love helping people with these things because while I don’t have it all figured out & won’t pretend I do, I have picked up a lot of knowledge and skills along the way.

I know what I’m talking about. I have a BS in psychology and an MA in human services: counseling and have taken approx. a million (rough estimate) classes in counseling, group process, relationships, leadership, communication and coaching through the quarter life crisis.

Wait.. what is the difference between coaching & counseling? First of all, I am not the right fit for you if you need mental health counseling, trauma recovery, etc. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness, and will refer you to someone who does if it is necessary. Coaching is for people who are “pretty ok” but want to be great.

What does coaching with me look like? Our interactions are a lot like talking to a friend or your mom with the benefit of a completely outside perspective. It is a judgement free zone where you can be yourself. We talk about the things you want to work on in your life and I offer real tools and solutions. We also have a lot of fun and laugh because sometimes I think I missed my calling as a comedian.


Let’s do this. I work with clients one-on-one (over the internet – so it’s totally ok if you are in your pjs), provide some killer stuff for free, and can also bring a workshop to you.

One-on-one CoachingFree ProgramsWorkshops & Speaking
I currently offer 3 options for one-on-one coaching:

#Adulting is currently open for enrollment for fall/winter 2017. This 8 week, one-on-one, deep dive covers everything from managing your emotions, motivation, and figuring out what you want to do in life. There are only 10 spots open so sign up today for a free 30 minute info session.
The Roadmap is a 2 week coaching program that is for you if you need help making decisions, figuring out what you want in life, and overcoming procrastination.
Quit Talking Shit is a 2 week coaching program that helps you get control of your inner mean girl & finally start loving yourself.

An ebook that will help you break up with perfectionism.
Finally ready to be more confident?
Coming September 26 – register now!
A free workbook to help you get clear about who you are & what you in life.


In addition to working with clients one-on-one, I speak at events and offer private workshops.

My programs on overcoming negative self talk and decision making have both been customized into live, 1 hour workshop experiences for groups. These workshops not only provide value and improvement to the individual, but past participants noted the workshops were a safe and non-judgmental space that brought them closer together as a group and increased group cohesion.

My workshops are a perfect fit for sororities, clubs, and more. My content is marketed to women, but is not exclusively for women – everyone can find value in what I teach!

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