Samantha Siffring

My name is Samantha, after the character on Bewitched (Nick@Nite, anyone? #weareold). I’m a life coach for women hitting 30 (or maybe a little past it) who feel like life is not what they expected. I help with issues like: self-confidence, managing emotions, and goals/motivation.

Let’s get personal. I’ve been with my partner, Stuart, for over 10 years & we have 3 kids. I volunteer a lot. I love yoga and hiking, politics, laughing until I snort, and spending time with my best friends. I struggle with feeling like I’m not enough, comparison, and eating my feelings. (hello my business name is TBH – there is no way I’m going to bullshit you like I don’t have problems & struggles too)

I know what I’m talking about. I have a BS in psychology and an MA in human services: counseling and have taken approx. a million (rough estimate) classes in counseling, group process, relationships, leadership, communication and coaching through the quarter life crisis.

Wait.. what is the difference between coaching & counseling? I am not the right fit for you if you need mental health counseling, trauma recovery, etc. I do not diagnose or treat mental illness, & will refer you to someone who does if it is necessary. Coaching is for people who are “pretty ok” but want to be great. Or if you’re just feeling lost af and need someone to hold your hand & help you figure shit out.

What does coaching with me look like? Our interactions are a lot like talking to a friend or your mom with the benefit of a completely outside perspective. It is a judgement free zone where you can be yourself. We talk about the things you want to work on in your life and I offer real tools and solutions. We also laugh because it can’t all be serious.

Together, we will figure out who you are, what you want, and how to get it. Do you want to rock that interview & get the job of your dreams? Finally get out of the house so you can actually meet some friends or start a relationship? Take the big, scary leap to start your own business? I will help. Let’s do this.

Step 1 is a totally free, 30 minute coaching call. We’ll get to know each other, start getting you some results, & see if we want to work together more.

The TBH Team:

Bridget, Office Assistant

To blame for any barking you hear in the background during your sessions. Who needs a doorbell when you have a dog?

Kiki, Cat

Hey, I’m Kiki. 10/10 I am on the floor during your coaching session – don’t worry, I will keep everything confidential.